Practical information

Tips for those who are new to Kulturnatt!



The program will every year be found on our website and on TRD Events. Here you can plan your night ahead by marking of your favourites, or check out our popular suggested routes.


The events at Kulturnatt are held all over Midtbyen and surrounding areas. There are multiple ways to get around:


Bring your bike to work this day and you’ll have a free and efficient means of transport in the evening. You can also safely park your bike in Miljøpakkens Bike Lockers or the The bike hotel at Leüthenhaven.

City bikes

You can buy a day pass at Bysykkel for 59kr to get around during the evening. The subscription starts as you unlock your first bike, so if you unlock your bike at 3pm on the 17. september, the last bike can be unlocked at 14:59 on the 18th september.


You can buy a 24 hour ticket at AtB.
Information on prices and how to purchase can be found here. You can buy the ticket on the AtB app, at AtB’s customer service centre, at Narvesen, 7-eleven or Deli de Luca.

Check available parking options here.

Lost and found

Lost and found items that are received will be handed over to the police.