What where and why?

What is Kulturnatt?

Kulturnatt aims to provide the people of Trondheim with a taste of everything the rich cultural scene of Trondheim has to offer. A night of discovery and unique experiences on both new and well known arenas.

Where and when?

Kulturnatt is organised all over the city: Midtbyen, Bakklandet, Solsiden, Rosenborg, Møllenberg, Lade, Nyhavna, Brattøra, Ila, Gløshaugen and more. We encourage everyone to use open spaces in the city, unknown areas, parking lots, shops and more.

We recommend that events start every “whole” hour and last for 30-45 minutes. Events can also be repeated multiple times throughout the evening, giving attendees the opportunity to gather multiple experiences and providing you with a larger number of visitors.

Who is eligible to join?

Anyone! As an organiser, performer or contributor of any kind: artist, designer, music/theatre, stages, museums, galleries, libraries, organisations, student unions, gyms, dance academies, hotels, parking lots, cinemas, banks, public offices, advertising agencies, hairdressers, shops, restaurants, clubs and more!

We encourage exciting collaborations across organisers, genres, spaces, culture and industries. By putting together different expressions, something new and unique might emerge!

What can I participate with?

Kulturnatt wants to show off variety and want participants who are engaged in music, art, food, decor, history, architecture, cultural activities, dance, theatre, performance, literature, film, workshops and more. If you have a stage, event space, backyard, porch, basement, attic, garden or anything similar you can also offer up your space for someone to fill it with a cultural event.

Why should I participate?

Kulturnatt is a new and different way of contributing to the discovery of the cultural scene of the city. You will also get the opportunity to show off your stage, shop or event space for a new audience. This is a night of discovery and attendees are open to visiting new and unfamiliar spaces and events. On a short term basis this can give you increased recognition and a positive word of mouth. On a long term basis this can contribute to repeat visits, increased revenue and visitors.


All organisers are responsible with reporting sufficient and up to date information about their events to Kulturnatt through the sign up form. In addition, organisers are to register their events at TRDevents.no 

Posters, beach flags and lighting is available for collection at our event office closer to the event.

The posters are 50 x 70 cm, and we have both the main posters and posters you can write your own information on.

The logo and posters to print out yourself can be downloaded  here.


Subsidy schemes

Overview of subsidies availble from Trondheim Kommune:

Apply for subsidies for Strakstiltak (immediate action) with a shorter processing time.

Trondheim kommune will not provide multiple subsidies to the same project, so the applicant is required to select a single subsidy based on who the applicant is and/or who the event is for. The municipality does not provide full funding, so other means of funding must also be shown in the budget in the application

Those who have questions, or wish to discuss their project or opportunities can contact or partner, Kulturenheten (The culture unit) v/Arrangementskontoret i Trondheim kommune, or directly contact the case worker for each subsidy scheme.