september, 2022

fre16sep19:00fre20:3019:00 - 20:30 Are Kalvø - Top of the VG listOlavshallenKategori:Forestillinger,Konserter,Kurs/Foredrag


Could it be that the answers to all the big questions about life are not to be found in literature, philosophy or religion? Could it be found with Britney Spears and Freddy Kalas? Could the answer is to be found in the really popular songs that surround us throughout our lives? Are Kalvø thinks so.

Based on a bunch of songs that have topped the VG-list in the last fifty years, Kalvø tries in this vision to understand our times and find the meaning of life. That’s how it has to be. The top VG list is about life, death, politics, religion, love, friendship, crises and men in shorts that are too small. And song and dance.

A co-production between Det Norske Teatret and Teater Vestland, in collaboration with Are Kalvø. On tour with Stand Up Norway.

Musician: Ståle Sletner

Singer: Benedicte Søreng

External organizer: Stand up Norway!


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