Night at the museum

fre16sep19:00fre19:4519:00 - 19:45 Night at the museumNordenfjeldske KunstindustrimuseumKategoriForestillinger,Utstillinger/omvisninger


When darkness has descended, we walk quietly through the museum. The feeling of having been here before comes over you, but everything looks so different. The treasures shine for you, dear guest. A guide will show the way and everything will be..?

For 593 days, the Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum has been closed to the public. What actually happens inside? Where did the employees go? During Kulturnatt, guests are allowed back in. Small groups at a time.

The groups are admitted consecutively approx. every 20-45 min. No advance registration – meet at the main entrance in Munkegata 5. Suitable for all ages, but expect to climb quite a few stairs. Last tour at 10. p.m


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